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Great app but False Advertising!

Asked at Wed, 05 Mar 2014 20:31:09 GMT by fred wilson


Firstly I'd like to say, that this app is fantastic and I have had no issues at all with it on my iPad 4.

The issue I do have with it, is the name. I know now that the 'HD' is referring to the iPad screen, however that was not until I had purchased the app and looked for answers here, as to why the quality of exported videos is so sh*t! Charging nearly $7 for the app and exporting videos that are terrible quality, and very grainy is not on. As I said, I found it very misleading, and it is essentially false advertising, because nowhere in the app description do you mention the lower quality of the exported video, unless you are using a desktop version with a subscription. The terrible export quality makes it unusable for my purposes and therefore I will be attempting to get a refund. If I have purchased your app for that price, I expect to be able to get the finished video in the same HD quality as the preview.

i strongly suggest you change the name of the app or put in the description that the export quality is limited, unless you have a subscription.


  • Hi Fred, thanks for your comments. The videoScribe HD version was named as such because of the screen quality on the iPad and we needed to differentiate it by name from the other products.

    There is a full feature list which advises what features are available and we have not said at any point it does HD rendering. That said we are looking to give it another name for a future release to lessen confusion.


    For your information here is the features list on the current version which can be viewed via the App Store.

    Features include: 
    • easy to use 
    • 'lifelike' drawing style 
    • scale, rotate and arrange images & text with endless possibilities 
    • use our growing library of hundreds of images 
    • import your own logos or artwork (.svg format only) 
    • link to Dropbox for image import, music and exporting Movies 
    • search the web for images to use within the app 
    • draw anything to any timeframe 
    • add a backing track from our royalty free library or add your own (.mp3 format only) 
    • full colour, outline, black and white and more effects 
    • add filters such as blur, glow, drop-shadow 
    • Move-In drawing style 
    • change the paper texture & colour 
    • draw the movie left handed, right handed or without a hand 
    • get advanced by setting camera positions 
    • iPad2 & iPad3 only: Record your own voiceover & mix with a backing track 
    • submit to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox or share with the desktop version or other devices 
    • get drawings from apps such as neu.Draw via Dropbox 

    Answered by Joe Clarke at Thu, 06 Mar 2014 09:18:06 GMT